K-2nd Grade

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Coach Phillip Sizemore

Having grown up on the East Coast, Lacrosse was a huge part of my life. Prior to living in WA, I lived in TX where I was a coach for 2 years at the Southlake-Carroll Dragons Club in DFW. Recently our eldest son went through SBL Warriors and is now in the High School program. Along with club, my eldest son has been highly involved there as well as Select Lacrosse in Seattle. My wife and I have two younger sons that are just now beginning their journey through both Club and Select and I am excited to bring my experience and love of this sport to bear with my middle son and the K2 program. I am very open and look forward to many years of interaction and support as my children navigate through this outstanding program.

3rd & 4th Grade

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Coach Glen Flowers

Hi, I’m Glen Flowers. I fell in love with Lacrosse about 8 years ago when my oldest son was introduced to it. I learned a lot about the sport in those first few years. His first team was the Titans (before they became the Warriors). He also played for the Cozzi Team.  This son has now aged out and no longer plays Lacrosse.  My youngest son picked up a love for Lacrosse while watching his older brother play.  I have now been coaching for about 3 years. I got involved when I saw that the K2  only had one coach to work with  20+ players. I volunteered to help out and love coaching! I enjoy helping and watching the kids grow in this sport, learning teamwork and sportsmanship.

 5th & 6th Grade

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Coach Nick Rheaume

 7th & 8th Grade

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Coach Brandon Haywood